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Load Balance

Load Balance

Cluster - Load Balance software enables multiple real servers to work as one powerful, reliable, scalable and easy to manage Web server cluster. Cluster - Load Balance is Windows-based traffic and content manager providing the scalable and highly available TCP / IP data transportation, IP ...

Shareware  15,603k 1966 ManualEnds Technology
Check Page Load

Check Page Load

Check Page Load 2.1 Check the Load time of Web Pages Check Load Time

Freeware  1,390k 1250 Vsisoftware com


axle load calculation for trucks

Shareware  4,063k 2505 Mobile Soft


Load! saves money by optimizing container cargo - includes interactive 3D view

Shareware  1,052k 1454 Jorn Daub e K
MLB SIP Load Balancer

MLB SIP Load Balancer

The MLB SIP Load Balancer is used to load balance SIP services, to achieve performance scalability and high availability of the SIP services. MLB is a fast SIP proxy application capable to handle millions of simultaneous calls and will provide traffic routing based on server load. ...

Shareware  7,503k 691 Mizutech S R L
Load Testing Tool

Load Testing Tool

This is a free screensaver from Neotys. We will test your web application under real stress using an easy and powerful load testing tool. Use performance monitors to pinpoint performance issues and bottlenecks. Application deployment services.

Freeware  667k 715 softwaresubmit net
no-load-life-ins urance-whois

no-load-life-ins urance-whois

WHOIS Manager takes the guesswork out of WHOIS lookups by automatically determining the domain registrar, then instantly querying that registrar's WHOIS server all in one simple step!When you perform a WHOIS search on a domain name a query is sent to theregistrar (the company that ...

Freeware  1,096k 706 no load life insurance ltd

Load Balancer for Linux

Balancer is an userspace NFQUEUE filter desgned to load-balance traffic across multiple uplink ISP connections. It works on kernels 2.6.14 and above. The purpose of the filter is to keep a session always on the same ISP link where it started.

Freeware  49k 553 balancer.sourceforge.net

Load composition model data

The load composition model data tool is an open source software tool that provides data for dynamic load composition models for use with power system simulation tools like PSLF and PSS/E.

Freeware  36,644k 366 lcm-data.sourceforge.net

Load-Time Weaving Demo

Just a Hello LTW program! A smiple demonstration of how to enable and use Load-Time Weaving in Spring container on Tomcat application server in order to make your beans @Configurable.

Freeware  4,005k 366 fadishei.wordpress.com

Pojo Load Test

POJO Load Test is a utility library to help load test a java object. Implement the 'doJob()' method, configure the number of threads and this library will generate a nice Exel report with graphics.

Freeware  2,222k 292 java-slt.sourceforge.net

Web Application Load Simulator

Web application load testing tool written in Java. Uses a central console to manage remote simulations allowing for a large number of virtual users. Can test fullblown web applications requiring cookies and complex querystring and formdata.

Freeware  2,020k 556 jobmanager.sourceforge.net

Distributor load balancer

Software load balancer. Accepts connections and distributes them to an array of back end servers. Unique/advanced features include integrated testing of back end servers and optional termination of client connections to misfunctioning servers.

Freeware  197k 430 distributor.sourceforge.net

GNOME ISDN Load meter

gisdnload is an ISDN load meter for Linux running as a Gnome applet. It displays like xisdnload the load of your ISDN lines. The display supports autoranging and changes its background color depending on whether you are online or offline. The graph itself

Freeware  161k 308 gisdnload.sourceforge.net

Hitman, a load testing tool

Hitman is java based load testing tool for wesites. It gives valuable information about the response time when the number of hits increase.

Freeware  125k 321 hitman.sourceforge.net

Hive Load Balancer

Hive is a reverse proxy server that passes requests from client browsers to a cluster of back-end web servers. It communicates with its monitoring programs residing on each back-end server to achieve precise load-balancing.

Freeware  21k 587 arhb.sourceforge.net

Imbalance LAMP Based Load Balancer

Imbalance is a lightweight redirector that runs as an Apache PHP Script, and a PHP daemon. Imbalance uses a cost based round-robin weighted algorithm to distribute load across web servers with the ability to create user defined cost calculations

Freeware  357k 309 imbalance.sourceforge.net

Zen Load Balancer

Zen Load Balancer is a complete solution for load balancing to provide a high availability for TCP, UDP, advanced HTTP and HTTPS services and data line communications (fuplink), targeted to become a professional open source product in networking for distributed systems.It's not only a nice ...

Freeware  230,400k 503 zenloadbalancer.com

Simple Load Testing

Set of C# classes that allow you to perform load/stress tests from any .NET program using custom scripts written in any .NET programming language.

Freeware  44k 244 simpleloadtest.sourceforge.net

Sip Kernel Load Balancer

Linux Kernel 2.6.x modules which do connection tracking, nat handling, load balancing for the SIP protocol.Uses gnu libosip in kernel environment.Useful for voip companies but also end-users.

Freeware  290k 697 siplb.sourceforge.net

SOS - Load Calculator

Performs electrical calculations for residential services. Includes Lighting & small appliance loads, raanges & ovens, A/C Heating, water heater - dryer - dishwasher - etc. Optional service calulations. Based on the 2005 NEC.

Freeware  252k 3137 Simplified Office Software

Hypermail - SMTP Server Load Tester

Threading program provides the ability to control connection rate/second, concurrent connections and total connections. Additional features include TCP timeout adjustment, Devce Under Test overload recovery and randomization of email sent per connection

Freeware  12k 390 hypermail-smtp.sourceforge.net

JRower, load db from file

JRower is a tool for loading database tables from flat files. You supply a XML file describing the fields in the file and their mapping to the database table columns. The data file can be a text file in CSV, delimited, fixed length, or Excel ...

Freeware  2,619k 297 jdonohue.com
BurnInTest Std

BurnInTest Std

BurnInTest is a software tool that simultaneously exercises all of the major components of a computer, to test for endurance and reliability. The user can select the hardware components to test and individually adjust the load placed on each one via slide bars. Each test ...

Shareware  1,265k 3406 PassMark Software
Webserver Stress Tool

Webserver Stress Tool

Webserver Stress Tool simulates large numbers of users accessing a website via HTTP/HTTPS. The software can simulate up to 10,000 users that independently click their way through a set of URLs. Simple URL patterns are supported, as well as complex URL patterns, via a Script ...

Shareware  7,788k 1792 Paessler AG
CpuUsage System Service

CpuUsage System Service

Have you ever faced a situation where you have waited for a program to complete and had the feeling the program may have crashed? Wouldn't it be nice if you could always see if your CPU is really working? Well, you could have the task ...

Freeware  488k 1641 Outer Technologies
ComfortAir HVAC Software

ComfortAir HVAC Software

ComfortAir HVAC software is designed to be used by engineers, architects, contractors and energy auditors to calculate and analyse heating and air conditioning loads in all types of buildings. Input and output units can be set independently to English or Metric units. The program contains ...

Demo  1,580k 2633 Baltik Engineering Limited


AnalyzeWeb is a website load testing, performance analysis, slow page determination, website monitoring, and content change detection all in one inexpensive yet easy to use solution. Built on our popular MonitorWeb application this application adds the ability to specify multiple simultaneous client connections and has ...

Commercial  19,613k 864 Enchanted Goods
Space Runner

Space Runner

Space Runner - remake of the game Load Runner. You have to control spaceman and collect items. You can climb up and down using ladders. You can hang on ropes. When you collect all items on level - teleport appears. Try to reach it to ...

Demo  1,881k 2576 Taranov Aleksei


WAPT is a load, stress and performance testing tool for websites and web-based applications. In contrast to "800-pound gorilla" load testing tools, WAPT is designed to minimize the learning curve and give the user an ability to create a heavy load from a single regular ...

Shareware  1,826k 956 SoftLogica LLC
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